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Nebeneinander | Regie: Robert Passini | Filmstill | Tatiana Saccal und Stefan Pohl


Short film | 4 minutes | without sound | Vienna Film School | 2002

Cast: Stefan Pohl | Tatiana Saccal

Screenplay & director: Robert Passini
Cinematographer: Christian Hörlesberger

Gaffer: Klemens Koscher
Film editor: Robert Passini

© Christian Hörlesberger


An introverted young man lives in a small room in a dormitory. He is engaged in model making. But suddenly the table starts to vibrate. He puts on headphones to be able to concentrate better, but nothing helps against the noise from the room next door. When a picture falls on his model car and destroys it, he gets angry and storms to the side door. But he hesitates. Then he decides to knock, kick, and when finally the door is opened, he unloads all his accumulated rage. Only then he realizes who lives next door to him: a pretty young woman with a hearing aid.


The special thing about this short film is that despite the subject of noise pollution, it manages without sound at all. Only with the help of the pictures recorded on 16mm film material he tells about the development of the young man out of his shyness. In addition, the film deals with a phenomenon that often occurs in large cities: anonymity in one's own home. Who knows his or her own neighbor? The main character in this film gets the opportunity to meet his neighbor.


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