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Wie Gewonnen | Regie: Robert Passini | Filmstill | Elisabeth Krön


Short film | 11 minutes | Action comedy | Gallo y Pollo Film | 2013

Cast: Elisabeth Krön | Wolfgang Ciechanowski | Adem Karaduman | Aysun Izmirli | Robert Stuc

Screenwriter & director: Robert Passini

based on an idea by Reinhard Kleindl
Cinematographer: Klemens Koscher
Costume designer: Heidi Holzinger
Makeup artist: Elena Kirchner
Composer: Mario Dancsó
Sound recordist: Michael Halwax
Film editor: Anna Heuss

© Klemens Koscher


Maria, a confident woman, observes people at the station. She makes her money as a pickpocket. On that day she makes a mistake: as one of her victims she chooses Romeo, an irritable crook who notices her theft. When he catches Maria at the market, the chase begins. But not only Romeo is interested in Maria.


The aim of this short film is to combine action and comedy in a very dense, temporal framework. The viewer should have little time to think, but follow the course of the action and the many twists and turns. The underlying theme of the film is love. While the one love (marriage proposal) is fraught with problems, Maria is in the process of forming a possible love relationship. Because the mysterious, good-looking man who watches and follows her is like her a pickpocket. But love cannot be stolen.

Interview zu "Wie Gewonnen", RADIO NJOY 91.3 FM


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