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Tonbau | Regie: Robert Passini | Filmstill


Female Artist Portrait | 20 minutes | Self-produced | 2018

Cast: Barbara Michl-Karácsonyi

Director: Robert Passini
Assistance: Katharina Zobler-Passini
Production sound mixing: Mathias Lehnfeld

© Robert Passini


The movie shows life and work of the ceramic sculptor Barbara Michl-Karácsonyi. The nature in which she lives and works, her art and her inner attitude are portrayed in an impressively connected way.


Claywork is my first documentary piece. The artist Barbara Michl-Karácsonyi, whom I portray, creates vessels, animals, flowers and mainly female and mostly life-size figures from clay. She chooses her subjects from her own life: The woman in youth, love and marriage, security, mother-child relationship, death and spirituality. To portray an artist whose multifaceted life with all its different stages and changes is so clearly expressed in her art was appealing to me.

The protagonists of the film are, besides the artist herself, her living and working space as well as nature as one of her sources of inspiration. The film mixes poetic images with statements of the artist and thus creates an atmospheric and rich overall picture of her art. A tópos is created: the connection between Michl's artwork and the environment in which the sculptures are built.
The puristically designed movie emphasizes that the life of the Austrian artist and her art are inseparably interwoven.


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