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The art of the ceramic sculptor Barbara Michl-Karácsonyi is inseparably connected with the environment she works and lives in. The female artist portrait shows personal insights into her life and work, which ranges from abstract forms to life-size figures and religious art.

The thief Maria has no time to rest. After she drops her guard for a moment, she’s spotted and chased. The events are observed by a mysterious man. A rondeau of emotions, where love is completely new territory.

A seemingly harmless crime novel fascinates Manuel almost hypnotically, and the lines between his reality and the books narrative begin to blur. All of a sudden, absurd images of his past appear to him – the boundaries of reality shift and a nightmare begins that cannot be held back.

While the count is out of town, daughter Julie stays home for the feast of the servants. She tries to take advantage of her social status and explores the limits of seduction with servant Jean.

The vernissage of the established artist Anna, who paints over photos of herself, is disturbed by a long forgotten rival. Susan is a graffiti artist and accuses Anna for not being true to herself. An old conflict is played out.

What is the price for a singing career? The young and talented street singer Lilo gets the opportunity to start a professional career. But she quarrels with the fear of having to losing her freedom.

It is only when the young hobbyist finds the courage to complain about the noise from the neighbor that he realizes who lives next door to him. A silent film about noise pollution.


Showreel 2020

Showreel 2020

Lightly Come
The Shapeshifter
Miss Julie
Side by Side
Der Wandler
Fräulein Julie
Wie Gewonnen
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